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Sunday, February 15, 2004

All aboard the A-B train!

So, while the Expos aren't moving anywhere anytime soon, Mariners Musings is relocating to a new URL address:


In the words of culinary wonderbody Emeril, we're taking it up a notch, and I'm downright giddy and damn proud to announce that Mariners Musings is joining the ranks of All-Baseball.com. You may already be familiar with The Cub Reporter and The Transaction Guy by Christian Ruzich, Bronx Banter by Alex Belth, Mike's Baseball Rants by Mike Carminiti and The Will Carroll (and TwinFanDan) Weblog. It's also where you'll now find Dodger Thoughts by Jon Weisman, Wait Til Next Year by Bryan Smith and Baysball.

Two heads are better than one, but with about eight or nine, we just may be able to take over the world. There may be some kinks to be ironed out over the next week or so, but we're all very excited and have some very big plans to deliver the very best, creative and insightful baseball writing you can find in one place on the web.

Many, many thanks go out to Christian Ruzich and Mark McClusky for all of their long hours dreaming, organizing and handling all the technical details.

A pair of new features worth pointing out: You can now search Mariner Musings. Go ahead, try it. "Ron Villone." You can find some goofy things I had to say last summer. Also, each post can now be inidividually referenced and linked by clicking on the time stamp at the end of the post.

Beginning Monday all new content will be found exclusively at the new site. In the meantime, feel free to update your bookmarks and links at your convenience.

And on the topic of Alex getting fitted for his pinstripes, all I can do is channel the spirit of Dignan and echo, "This is unacceptable! This I do not forgive!"
|| Peter @ 2/15/2004